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Shungite Phone EMF Protectors

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Shungite is a naturally occurring mineral like no other found on Earth. Its unique properties come primarily from the fullerenes that it's composed of - a hollow carbon molecule. Fullerenes attract, absorb, and neutralize negative forms of energy.

It's believed that this unique carbon structure enables shungite's EMF blocking properties. It absorbs and neutralizes radiation frequencies, effectively blocking those harmful rays and protecting the body (and all carbon-based elements, such as plants and animals) from their dangerous effects. 

Natural EMF radiation and 5G protection.


The Wadjet or Eye of Horus is an ancient symbol from Egypt representing protection, health, restoration and prosperity. It was widely believed to have healing and protective powers, thus was often found in ancient amulets used for personal protection.

The Om symbol is found in a variety of Indian spiritual practices; it represents a sacred sound widely believed to be the most powerful mantra or "sacred formula".

Algiz is a powerful rune of high vibrations. It represents elevated awareness and fierce protection, containing a sacred energy of universal divinity.