Going Deeper

Interested in taking a peek behind the veil? 

Award winning author, mystic healer Sonja Grace is an energy surgeon- who works long distance, with clients around the world.  She defies time and space with her ability to spirit-travel and work with her clients wherever they are in the world; she performs all levels of healing, including restructuring tissue and repairing organs, bones, blood, and cells. Sonja helps her clients find the emotional wounds stored in the physical body through extensive processing work with the inner child. Her abilities are endless - from seeing past lives and clearing them karmically to communicating with loved ones on the other side. Sonja is an expert in clearing entities, aliens and unwanted energies from the body and auric field. She can execute all levels of her work from a distance and over the phone. Sonja is both Native American and Norwegian. She is adopted on the Hopi Reservation, where she is considered a medicine woman. Sonja was featured weekly on Feel Good Factor TV in the U.K. She can be seen on GAIA TV’s Great Minds, Ancient Civilizations, Inspirations, and Beyond Belief with George Noory, and ‘Coast to Coast AM’.  Her books ‘Spirit Traveler’ and ‘Dancing with Raven and Bear’ are the winners of The Beverly Hills Book Awards. ‘Become an Earth Angel’ is the basis of her Earth Angel Training Course. Her new oracle ‘Odin and the Nine Realms’ received the prestigious COVR visionary award.  https://sonjagrace.com/ 

Sonja Grace, Mystic Healer