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Pyramid Power

Pyramids are perhaps the most intriguing geometric shapes that we know of, at least in the realm of human civilization. Sure, spheres get a lot of publicity, being similar in shape to common things like planets, balls, and various kinds of fruit, which are all great, but rather mundane. 

Pyramids, while featuring less prominently than spheres in our day to day lives, were transformed into ancient megaliths that captivate the imagination and offer insights into our ancient past. 

While the most famous pyramids are the ones that were erected in ancient Egypt, they are actually found in multiple locations around the world, across a wide range of civilizations, on nearly every continent. The fact that pyramids were such a common fixture among ancient peoples across the planet, have generated a lasting mystique about them, which many scholars have spent years trying to understand. 

Take this study, by Antoine Bovis circa the 1930’s, where upon exploring the great Khufu pyramid in Egypt, he found that organic matter trapped inside the King’s Chamber (such as small animals that had gotten lost and perished) had become mummified instead of decomposing, even with heat and humidity present. He was fascinated by this revelation, and  

returned home to France to further experiment, constructing a smaller scale model pyramid about 2.5 feet tall and exactly aligned on a north-south axis just as the original. He placed a deceased cat where the King’s Chamber would be, and sure enough, it mummified. Thrilled by his findings, he continued experimenting with other organic matter with a high decay rate, such as fish and calves brains. They also mummified. The same can be said for food when placed inside a pyramid, it dehydrates and mummifies instead of decaying.

In April 1975, the coach of the Maple Leafs hockey team, Red Kelly, placed pyramids under the team's bench during the Stanley Cup Playoff series. Surprisingly, the team members improved their game tremendously. The results were so unbelievable, a series of pyramids were quickly installed in the locker room so that the players had to pass under them when entering the stadium. According to Edwin Newman's account in The New York Times, "A mighty boost for morale and pyramid power came when team captain, Darryl Sittler, who had failed to score in eight previous games, stood with his hockey stick under the pyramid for 10 minutes, and then went out and scored five goals in one game, tying a league record.” [While these results are incredible, it should be noted that the Maple Leafs lost the final game to the Philadelphia Flyers 7-3.]

Another interesting study was done by Karel Drebal, a Czech radio engineer interested in parapsychology. He was familiar with Bovis’ studies and often preformed mummification experiments of his own. One day he was reminded of an old trick to place a sharp straight edged razor on the window sill at night, in the light of a full moon, and the next morning the blade will be dull. According to Drebal, "The polarized light of the moon has an unfavorable effect on the sharpness of the blade because polarized light vibrates in one direction only." He wondered if the shape of the pyramid could act as an energy accumulator for all the electromagnetic rays around us. He then put a razor blade that was used five times inside a Khufu pyramid model exactly at the height of the King's Chamber. He used it three more times and found that it did not get blunt. At one point in his experiments, he was able to shave upwards of 200 times with the same razor blade.

He applied for a patent from the Czech authorities for his invention, but instead of the usual three years, the patent office waited ten years to approve his patent. During that time, the chief engineer at the patent office constructed a Khufu pyramid and did razor blade experiments himself. The experiments worked for him and for the other officials who used it. Drebal was finally given his patent in 1959.

The special shape of the pyramid is like the special shape of a violin: A violin resonates sound; a pyramid resonates energy. This is not your average one note energy force. Pyramids have the ability to energetically alter whatever lies within its shape. For instance, plants and seeds grown inside of a pyramid (under special placement) double in size. A time-lapse photograph of plants in a pyramid shows them swaying side to side, dancing as they grow. Pyramids have even been found to mellow out booze and cannabis when placed inside correctly. The actress Gloria Swanson famously said in a Time magazine interview, that sleeping with a pyramid under her bed made "every cell in my body tingly. I firmly believe in Pyramid Power."

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